Sometimes I enjoy hanging out near the door of The Sandbar- inside or outside- just to experience the crazy things people do and say.

Andrew was working the door this particular Saturday night, which also happened to be the night before KU’s graduation, so we all knew the bar would be full of college students and their parents all night long.
Andrew left his post to go pick up glasses or restock the ice or whatever it is that the doorboy is supposed to do along with carding people and beating back the crowds. It’s not usually an issue for the doorboy to handle additional duties away from the door, because most nights random staff members are hanging around anyway, and they can step up and help. This night was no exception.

A few minutes after he walked off, a large group of girls barged in through the door like they were on a mission. Ken and John- the aforementioned random staff members hanging around- immediately stopped the girls. The leader of the group informed the guys that their group was a bachelorette party and that no one was at the door and people had been leaving, and since they were a bachelorette party, we should be so lucky that the twelve of them decided to grace us with their presence.

Ken and John informed the ladies that the doorguy would be back shortly but in the meantime they had to wait outside. Their leader tried to argue, but the boys have heard it all before. The bachelorette party retreated back to the line.

{Why is it that bachelorette parties always think they’re entitled to just waltz inside with no regard to capacity, or cover, or ID’s, or the fact that other people are waiting before them? This happens a lot.}