Bartender Ken was at The Sandbar bright and early- meaning 11 a.m., which is bright and early for night owls like our bar staff- to open and welcome the day. It was a slow Sunday until about 3:30 when our graduates, Chris and Blair, arrived. They had walked down the hill and then promptly left for The Sandbar. Their poor families probably sat through the whole ceremony, wondering where in the crowd the boys were, as they were drinking at the bar.

Their family members had been to the bar earlier in the day to deliver cake and presents and in Chris' case, decorations.


Make sure you all compliment him on his sweet shirt. And that hair.

Moving right along, Chris' family was not alone in providing breathtaking photos of their loved one. Dave and I painstakingly pored over the thousands of Sandbar pictures we have and found the ones we thought best represented the boys. Tegan took over from there and had the chosen photos blown up to poster size and printed out, and then she passed them off to Justin who mounted them on foam core. They were hung in various places of honor throughout the bar.



After awhile the various grandmas, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and friends started to arrive. Joe, our other graduate, finally made an appearance, too. Dave, Tegan, and Andrew entertained the crowd with their version of the "Apache" dance behind the bar. 

One of Blair's family members bought a hurricane and forced him and Chris to don the mermaid costumes. Though I think the boys were actually excited to put on green sequined dresses and read poems to the crowd. Andrew joined them on the bar for the dance, in his fat suit.

Graduation012 Graduation018

It was a long, fun night celebrating Chris, Blair, and Joe and their milestone of graduating from KU.