The blog fell short of my goals last month.

At the beginning of the year I talked about how one of my goals for 2008 was to increase the blog visits each month. Even if it was by a tiny amount- one month saw an increase of just four visits over the previous month- I was thrilled.

March, however, was a whole different animal because of St. Patrick’s Day. Internet searchers were looking for all sorts of things related to the holiday, and our obsession with floats and parades led a lot of people here who probably weren’t really interested in The Sandbar.

Since April doesn’t have a theme holiday that we can turn into a costume party, we didn’t have quite as many visitors. But that’s okay.

There were 836 visits to the Sandbar blog last month, for an average of almost 28 visits per day. And if you’re keeping track (I know, I’m really the only one doing that), that’s a whole three more visits over the month before the craziness of March. Like I said- any increase, no matter how small, is fine with me.

The usual searches continue to bring people here: Landshark Lager stuff, hurricane stuff, mermaid stuff, and Sandbar stuff.

KU’s basketball championship generated some interest; most people were looking for t-shirts and things like that, but one guy was looking for "topless girls at the ku jayhawks celebration." Not sure why he ended up on the Sandbar blog. He was searching from a UCLA computer. I’m not kidding.

Some of my other favorites from last month:

  • scooter San Antonio drunk driving ride home (not a good idea,see this post)
  • unpaid ticket jail (someone must have been looking for Morgan.)
  • facts about pants (pants like jeans or pants like Brother?)
  • what kind of shirt goes with mermaid skirt? (none. they’re supposed to be topless.)
  • San Antonio legs contest Wednesday (alright, we’re going to do the best legs contest here, soon, I promise.)

And that’s it for April.