Last Friday night, the Granada hosted several bands: local group Roan County Split, Houston-based Roger Creager, and my favorite band, Reckless Kelly. Not really Sandbar jukebox music (yet, anyway) but great stuff nonetheless. Some of the rowdy drinking songs will probably show up on the jukebox pretty soon.

We talked to one of the guys from Roan County Split, and apparently he went to school at Baldwin High and knows the Madl family and doorboy Andrew. Everybody seems to know the Madls.

After the show, Dave and Erick talked up the merchandise guys and convinced them to come to The Sandbar. Something about our place must have appealed to them- the lime green facade? Jimmy Buffett music? the drinks?- because some of them got to the Sandbar before we could even get out of the Granada.

Roger Creager, his bandmates, and crew hung out with us for quite awhile, as did Cody, the fiddle player from Reckless Kelly, and some of his buddies. We all had a great time entertaining our new friends from down South- we love to show off The Sandbar to new people.

If you get the opportunity to see any of these bands in concert, do it. You won't regret it. And Roger Creager does a great cover of Jimmy Buffett's "A Pirate Looks At Forty" on his live album.


Above left: Drummer Matt, Deb, and Roger Creager. That's Pat in the back, never missing an opportunity to get in the picture.
Above right: Drummer Matt, Deb, and Roger's tour manager and merchandise manager. That's Erick in the back, trying to make sure he's in the picture.