Jimmy Buffett played two somewhat-close concerts this past week: St. Louis and Dallas.  The Sandbar didn’t sponsor a bus trip this time because of the Hearts of Gold Ball, but some Sandbar folks got to go anyway.

They rented a fancy RV and made the drive to Dallas for Saturday’s show. It was a quick trip- they left Friday night and made it back by Sunday evening.


Pat says they had a lot of fun. They jumped into this inflatable pool for a photo-op (you know how we all love photo-ops) before realizing that the owners were flying a Mizzou flag on their camper. They promptly booed the Tiger fans.

And, they even had Erick talked into catching a flight and joining them for the show- but he got stuck in traffic near the speedway (a race was happening that day, at which our lovely Heather was parking cars) and missed his flight.

Next time Buffett is within 8 hours of The Sandbar, we’ll do a bus trip.