Yesterday was the hopefully-annual Beach Volleyball tournament at The Sandbar in Ottawa, sponsored by Cruzan Rum.

It was a beautiful day for sand volleyball and drinks in the sun. The party bus left Lawrence around 1 from Johnny’s, and picked up more folks at Phoggy Dog on the way out of town. Teams from Sandbar Lawrence and JB Stout’s were also on board.

Competition among these four teams, three from Ottawa (Henry T’s, Driver’s, and Sandbar), and an at-large team got underway- not only in volleyball, but in drinking, team spirit, and just about any other competitive thing you can imagine.




The team from Sandbar Ottawa won the tournament. The Sandbar Lawrence team, however, won what was
perhaps the more important prize to them- Team Spirit. What this team lacked in volleyball skills, they made up for in costume, pranks, and spirit.

We had Fletch, a few strangely scary varieties of shorts that aren’t really fit to publish here, and knee socks and arm bands. The Lawrence crew definitely loves its costumes.

Unfortunately it was soon time to leave the fabulous sand volleyball courts of Ottawa and head for home. At least, though, the bus rides to and from are almost always just as much fun as the destination.

Upon arrival in Lawrence the bus stopped at Phoggy Dog once again to begin the evening’s pub crawl. We also picked up the Cruzan promo girls and their boxes of free shirts.

After a half hour or so of revelry there, the bus continued on to The Sandbar. It was important to get there early to avoid the aforementioned lines. Everyone managed to get in and we also picked up a few new passengers for our next destination, Jo Schmo’s.

It might seem silly to board a bus just to travel half a block down the street…but everything about this night was silly.

The bus eventually ended up at the original starting point of Johnny’s where the party continued well into the night.

The day was such a great success that we’re hoping to plan several more field trips this spring and summer to Ottawa for impromptu games of sand volleyball. Now, if we can only convince Cruzan to sponsor the fun again…