March was a banner month for so many reasons, and especially for this blog. 

The blog recorded its highest number of hits in a month with 1,006. We’re still on track with our goal of increasing the blog visits every month in 2008. I was also happy to see that our MySpace friends are finally linking up to the blog through both our bulletins and the blog page.

St. Patrick’s Day, not surprisingly, contributed to the blog traffic last month. Lots of people were searching for ideas for St. Patrick’s Day floats, information about this year’s St. Patrick’s Day controversy, and St. Patrick’s Day happenings in various places like Schooner Wharf, the Sandbar in Arizona, and even Marysville, Missouri. A few internet researchers were even specifically interested in The Sandbar’s floats!

Jimmy Buffett’s new Landshark Lager beer is proving to be a popular internet topic, and thanks to our numerous mentions of it, internet traffic is headed our way. People are still looking for Landshark Lager merchandise, clothing, promotions, and even MySpace pictures.

Of course, mermaids and hurricanes are still popular internet search terms that send people to The Sandbar. The always-popular "what happens during a hurricane" search still appears, but this month someone also wanted to know "what ELSE happens during a hurricane." I’m still amazed at the number of people looking for topless mermaids on the internet, but mermaid wall decor is apparently equally popular.

Drink searches were big last month, most notably for the Shark Attack. I wonder if these searches were done by the Joe’s Crab Shack researchers? I bet they were also the ones searching for vinyl sharks.

And, lots of searches for people. Someone out there was looking for Garreth and Toland, another was looking for Jimmy Buffett’s favorite bar. Someone else was looking for Pat Mushrush, and even Justin Kogl is being stalked on the internet. A couple searches for Gayle Sayers led people to our blog. Somebody else just wanted to find "famous person." I guess something on our blog qualified.

Here are some of my favorite internet searches that led folks to The Sandbar last month:

Hurricane foosball: Because regular foosball in a bar just isn’t hard enough?

Sandbar nudity: Thanks to those topless mermaids, we get the people looking for nudity now.

How can I change into a mermaid: Dance on our bar with a green sequined dress.

I wonder what the word for dots looks like in braille: Dammit, Joe Factor and your favorite quote.

Song…I asked the man behind the bar: Not sure what this was about, but I thought it was funny.

Indoor bounce house sales statistics: Thanks to Joe, we’re now getting all the freaky internet referrals.

Carry on, internet friends. Let’s see what the wackiest internet search leading to The Sandbar will be next month.