A large print of Jimmy Buffett graces the Sandbar wall, which should surprise no one who is familiar with the place. After all, his lifestyle is the inspiration for so many things Sandbar- including Dave’s work schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

This print is from Mr. Buffett’s Fruitcakes tour.

Legend, otherwise known as Dave’s memory, has it that this print- well, not this exact print, but one like it- hung behind the bar at Margaritaville in Key West. Peach spied it and wanted one for herself, so she bought one just like it.

For many years, it held the place of honor at The Sandbar, above the jukebox with a spotlight shining on it. When we opened the Ottawa location, the print was sent down south so that our new customers could gain an appreciation for Mr. Buffett as well.

Fans in Lawrence, however, clamored for its return, and it is now back on the wall in Lawrence; although by now, Brother Pants’ mermaid painting has taken over the coveted jukebox position.