No, he wasn't in The Sandbar, but we saw him last night in San Antonio.
A group of us were hanging out at a dueling piano bar called Howl at
the Moon.

It was just about time to leave and we decided that we
needed a group picture.
Dave handed Ashley the camera and told her to ask the guy behind her,
who looked suspiciously like Tim Robbins, to take our picture.
As he turned his head, Dave was convinced it was him; I didn't believe
it until Mr. Robbins confirmed that yes, it was he.

Dave very politely asked if he would mind taking our picture- "You
don't have to be in it but could you take it of us"- and he obliged.
He even checked the picture and when he realized he cut Kevin out
completely, he did a retake.
Cool guy. So we don't have a photo of Tim Robbins, but we do have a
photo he took.