Last night might have been our biggest Sunday night ever.

KU played Davidson in the NCAA Midwest Regional Final. A small crowd watched the game at The Sandbar- smaller than I expected, since the deeper into the tournament KU gets, the more people come out to watch. And since The Sandbar isn't one of those places where you have to be lined up before opening time to get a table, we usually get a lot of the overflow crowd from the sports bars. Not this time, but it's probably just as well.

After the nerve-racking, nail-biting win, the town exploded. Downtown became the magnet for everyone, the center of everything. People poured out of the bars and restaurants downtown. We wandered among the crowd- in the rain- for awhile and then headed back to the bar.


Even though we weren't crowded for the game, we sure got busy afterwards. The bar was packed for hours and part of the bar band made an appearance.

What a fun night. Hopefully, we'll have two more of those: next Saturday, and next Monday.