I found this funny entry in one of our old door notebooks from the night that KU played Syracuse for the NCAA basketball championship. (Sadly, we lost, but it was still a fun night at the bar). So, in honor of today’s KU-Davidson matchup for a trip to the Final Four, here’s a basketball related story for you.

At 1:45 a.m. Dave said no one else comes in. Guy came to the door…looked sober enough and talked sober enough when he said that his ride was in here and he needed to talk to him. I said “okay, one minute and if you aren’t back I will come and get you.” Guy said okay and was nice and said he would be right back.

Well…5 minutes went by so I went to look for the guy and he had a beer. I took the beer away and said he had to go, he knew it, so he said okay and walked to the door. Dave started to talk to him, the guy sat on a bench by the door and I thought he was waiting on his friend to pay his tab. I turned around as I caught him out of the corner of my eye, walking back down the bar.

I followed him and told him he had to leave. He tried to argue with me and I said “no discussion, out!” He tried to argue the whole way down the bar as I continued to point to the door. When we got to the door he tried to tell me that he never said he would be back to leave after finding his friend. I said “yes you did, I’m right, you’re wrong, now leave.”

Finally I had to turn him around and semi-forcefully (for Coleen) push him out the door. I slammed the door and turned around to see Dave’s, Debbi’s, Justin’s, Michelle’s, and Showtime’s eyes all bug out.

I took care of business.

I’ll say. She’s a teacher, you know. If she can handle those little kids, she can handle a drunken idiot.

Here’s some pictures from bar during 2003’s tournament run: