One of our goals at The Sandbar is to reach out to other businesses who are part of Downtown Lawrence. Peach and Dave came up with an idea of inviting one or two businesses each month to have an after-work party at The Sandbar, so that we can get to know their employees and they can get to know us.

Last Wednesday, Dave invited the staff of Sunflower Outdoor and Bike over for some drinks and conversation. Since regular Wednesday bartender Tegan was busy traveling with the NCAA-bound Jayhawks, Heather stepped up to fill her shoes.

Several of the Sunflower staff are pretty regular customers anyway, but this time they brought the rest of their work buddies.

Their goal for the night? To beat their tab from the last time we hosted them. They succeeded.

If your place of business is interested in having an after-work party at The Sandbar, leave us a comment.