I regularly monitor the internets for all things Sandbar. A lot of things find their way into my Google alerts that are not of interest (namely, something written about a generic bar of sand in a body of water), but occasionally I get something good.

A website called Yelp bills itself as "Real People. Real Reviews.(tm)" The idea behind the site is that its users will create accounts and start writing reviews about places like bars, restaurants, stores, etc. The business’ contact information is provided along with an average rating from the users who have reviewed the place.

The Sandbar was added to this site in January, and I was surprised to see that the first review was written by someone we actually know. Brad (not this Brad, but another Brad from my college days, although the two Brads do know each other)says:

"Whenever I’m back in the River City, I have to head into this place.  It opened when I was in school in the early ’90’s.  It was a hole in the wall then, and it’s still pretty much a hole in the wall now, but where else in Lawrence can you get a bit of Key West?  Put a dollar on the wall, play some Jimmy Buffet, drink to your heart’s content, and enjoy a completely laid back crowd without a whole lot of students that you would expect in a college town."

A fine, favorable, accurate review, no?

It was followed by this review in February, by someone I don’t know:

"Lots of people love the Sandbar. I am not one of them.

Maybe it’s because I’m older than most of the people that love this bar.  Maybe it’s because I’m not too keen on the whole "let’s dance on the bar to Jimmy Buffet!" thing.  Maybe it’s because I like to hear my friends talk when we’re hanging out.  Maybe I’m just plain boring.  I don’t know.

It was loud, it was packed, and it wasn’t my thing.  Points for the jukebox playing ridiculously nostalgic music, but that’s about it.  If you need me, I’ll be a couple doors down at Henry’s, hanging out with my old fogey friends on the smoking porch."

I guess we can’t expect everyone to love us. This reviewer’s profile doesn’t say how old she is, but judging from her picture, she’s not ancient. And the average age of Sandbar customers is significantly higher than a lot of places in town.

At least we got points for the jukebox.