We’re very excited to announce that we have two brand new, 37-inch, flat-panel television sets installed at the Sandbar! No, we’re not turning into a sports bar or anything, but we thought it would be nice to see the hurricane video on a much bigger screen.

Oh, and after we had a full bar for the KU-KSU basketball game a few weeks ago, we decided that perhaps there was an untapped market of Sandbar sports fans who could be enticed to come in more frequently if we had better tv’s.

Dave started price-shopping and found a deal he liked at Best Buy, and by that afternoon the new sets were ready to go.

To celebrate our new purchases, conveniently in time for the Big 12 and NCAA basketball tournaments, we are offering up free hot dogs during the basketball games. Bring your friends and settle in for March Madness in a place where you can dance on the bar as soon as the game is over!