St. Patrick’s Day is still a week away but we’ve already had our first casualty.

Our annual float practice was held tonight at the bar- an evening where the float participants gather for food, drink, and lots of cheesy dancing to prepare for the big day.

Costumes are in preparation, and Peach’s new white shirt was beautifully finished with it’s red fringe and stars. She set it down on a table and everyone kept talking. All of a sudden, Michelle noticed it was getting really bright behind her. She turned around to find the sleeve of the shirt caught in the candle’s flame. She grabbed the shirt and as she was trying to decide whether to stop, drop, and roll it on the floor or dash outside with it, our fearless leader Dave grabbed it and ran out the door.

Img_1896He stomped the fire to death on the sidewalk and brought the shirt back in so we could all see the carnage.

Interesting that the fringe is apparently not flammable, but the flame vaporized the cotton/poly/spandex blend sleeve.

Lesson to be learned here: keep your sleeves away from the candles. The ghost might just decide to play tricks on you.

(Oh, and everybody be sure to tease Brother Pants about his Joe-Factor moment. He worked an extra hour tonight because he forgot to set his clocks at work ahead.)