I’d like to re-categorize the categories on this blog.

There’s a "comment cloud" in the sidebar that lists all the categories, and you can click on any of those links to see all the posts in that category. Some posts are dumped into more than one category. But, I’m starting to wonder if those categories are too broad and/or vague?

For example, there’s a category for "Holidays." But at The Sandbar, we have a lot of holidays. A lot. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and then the random Labor Days and Martin Luther King Days that people choose to turn into a drinking holiday. Should there be a separate category for each of the big holidays? And leave the less vigorously celebrated holidays in the Holiday category?

Another one that is becoming more confusing one to me is "Stories." Most of these are double, or even triple, categorized; this makes me wonder if a category called "Stories" is even relevant. Because, really, practically everything is a story.

And then there’s "People." I was thinking about splitting this one into a category for people and a category for staff. I think this category actually started out called "staff." Should "Famous People" have their own category?

What do you the readers think? Do you even use the categories? Do you ever read the past entries or just the newest one? I’m asking for advice, and I don’t do that often, so take advantage of it.