I found an article today online that nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing.

Apparently, the state of Minnesota has recently enacted a smoking ban. For the entire state. However, some clever readers of the legislation found that the ban contains an exception for performers in theatrical productions. And we all know that a bar can sometimes have the best performances around.

So the patrons of these bars are lighting up while they speak in accents, do a little improv, and show up in costumes like fairies, pirates, and Victorian-era women. The article claims that about 30 bars in the state are actively exploiting this loophole and encouraging folks to participate as "actors." Some of them are even printing up faux playbills and setting up "props" areas- where the ashtrays are stacked.

The bars claim that their theater-night revenues are on par with pre-ban evenings, after an initial drop right after the ban started. They plan to continue the productions as long as they can, which might not be long as the state Health Department is working to close the loophole.

Can you imagine having Halloween every night?