The Sandbar could never be considered a sports bar- we love our jukebox way too much and we only have a couple small tv's whose main purpose is to show our hurricane videos.

Last night, though, even The Sandbar was transformed into a sports bar when the Kansas State Wildcats came to town to play in Allen Fieldhouse. The bar was full by the time the game tipped off, prompting Andrew the doorguy to suggest that we invest in more, and bigger, tv's.

After the game, the line outside grew past the Tap Room. KU winning the game probably helped increase the size of the line. It moved quickly, though, and most patient people didn't have to wait too long to get inside. The crowd was full of fans sporting Jayhawk attire (and I saw a couple of purple shirts sneak inside).

Some of Dave's old college buddies, Joe and Curtis, showed up after the game. They used to be Sandbar regulars until marriage, kids, and careers intervened, and we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like. They originally planned on staying for just a few drinks but ended up closing down the bar.

It was a long, fun night full of happy people.

The Bar Band came in Friday night for their regular pep rally tour of bars; here's a couple of pictures of them.