I was completely thrilled today by a little worn piece of paper that Dave brought home from the bar last night.

A group who sat in the back of the bar had a member who apparently reads this blog. They had printed out the "Six Things Every Sandbar Fan Should Accomplish" and brought the instructions along for their big night at the bar.

The slip of paper was left behind at the end of the night, and the guys found it while they were cleaning. Dave knew how excited I would be to find that someone (other than our friends) was not only reading the blog, but taking it seriously. He was right. It totally made my day!


I think I’m going to frame it and hang it on the wall somewhere.

Thanks, unknown group of people. I’d buy you a round of shots if I knew who you were.

{Thanks to Q at 650miles for tagging us and inspiring that list of six things.}

Oh, and a quick float update- building is progressing very well thanks to the awesome weather that finally arrived, and we choreographed both dances today. We rock!