Joe is one of our newest employees, although "new" isn’t really a good word because he’s been at The Sandbar for quite awhile now. We affectionately refer to him and the things he does as "the Joe Factor."

Nobody can really explain what the "Factor" means; believe me, I asked. It’s the kind of like Joe losing his keys in the snow in his yard, and deciding that he’ll have to wait until the snow melts to find them, so he goes without his keys for who knows how long.

Here’s a little more about Joe.

Other jobs you’ve had besides The Sandbar? Yello Sub and mostly golf courses.

Favorite job besides The Sandbar? I had a blast working inflatables last summer. There’s something about inflating a giant moon walk or bounce house that makes you feel like you accomplish greatness.

Favorite drink to drink? Pacifico and Johnnie Walker. Joe_2

Favorite drink to make?
Almost any kind of shot.

Any specialty drinks? I think I make a mean bloody mary.

Favorite jukebox song?
45-13. Europe, "The Final Countdown."

Song you never want to hear again?
"Under The Sea."

Favorite bar dancing song? Michael Jackson, "Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough." {We have this on the jukebox?!?}

Hobbies? I love finding and making music, drawing, and looking for records at Love Garden.

Favorite Quote? "I wonder what the word for dots looks like in Braille."

Favorite ice cream?
Dream pops.

If you could live anywhere? Argentina, but I love Kansas.

Stop by sometime and meet Joe. And if you have any stories to share about your experience with the Joe Factor, tell us about it in the comments.

Oh, and that picture? That was Joe’s Christmas gift to all of his coworkers, complete with a magnetic sleeve so we could put it on our refrigerators.