I showed up at 9 and someone had clogged the women’s toilet. What a great way to start the night! Dave showed up at 9:30. Even the big guy couldn’t dislodge the super absorbent culprit.  The women’s room remains out of service.

11:00- turned away a state ID
12:00- turned away a girl with suspicious ID, the magnetic strip wouldn’t scan
12:15- turned away girl with state ID.  She said she had a DUI and I said that’s too bad.  Unfortunately she was attractive and very understanding.
1:15- Dave and I kick out two jerks.  They had been repeatedly warned by Dave but then one of them mouthed off to him.  They are never to return.
2:15- Thank God! With the aid of a coat hanger, Dave extracted several feminine products from the women’s toilet and solved the problem.