Another milestone for this blog has been reached- 10,000 visitors!

Now, I’m not claiming that they are all "unique" visitors, for all I know it could be the same five people who check out the blog twelve times every day. (And by the way, I have both my desktop PC and my laptop blocked, so my own visits don’t count.) But I still think it’s pretty cool that there have been 10,000 visits. And, I actually like the idea that a lot of it could be repeat visitors. I’d rather have twenty people who visit every day than twenty different people every day. Loyalty is more important to me than numbers.

I was actually online yesterday when it happened- the Sandbar website is our home page, so I clicked over to the blog out of habit and noticed that the count was at 9,998. I didn’t expect it to reach 10,000 yesterday, so I clicked onto the stat counter to see what was going on, and apparently other people were on the blog at the same time I was because by the time I went back to the blog, there had been two more visits.

In fact, yesterday had a huge spike in visits, almost double the daily average. Must be all those people looking for St. Patrick’s day ideas, Landshark Lager, and the ever-popular "what happens during a hurricane."

Oh, and one of those visitors? He/she arrived because they were Googling "people making out at the sandbar in lawrence." And that was the second time in one day that particular search term had been used.

At the end of the month, I’ll have a list for you of all the funny search terms that people use to end up at The Sandbar, but I just couldn’t wait to share that one.