Img_1722_2So, several weeks ago I talked about how we have accumulated all this random stuff on our walls through the years, and that much of this stuff has great stories behind it, but if we don’t get those stories recorded somewhere we’ll forget them. And besides that, these great stories deserve to be shared with the fans!

I decided to start with one of the biggest items we have. If you’ve been to The Sandbar in recent years, you’ll recognize this great oil painting that hangs over the jukebox.

This was a commissioned piece that Dave and Peach requested of our artist in residence, Brother Pants. He painted it on a panel and even framed it himself at his shop, as he does with a lot of the stuff on our walls.

This painting truly represents The Sandbar and our hurricane story- our fictitious sea captain Jimmy and his mermaid love Kayla, on the sandbar where they fell in love.

Originally, a giant print of Jimmy Buffett hung in this place of honor. I’ll tell you all about that one in a future post. Until then, if there’s a particular piece of wall art you want to know about, or one that you can share the story of, let me know.