As annoying as it can be to listen to persistent people try to talk their way inside on a busy night, it can be equally as amusing to listen to some of the things people in line say when you’re standing out there with them.

Imagine a very cold night in February, around 9 p.m., with a line about ten people deep. A cute young girl struts past the entire line as if she owns the place and pulls open the door.

Cute Young Girl: "I’m here with a bachelorette party. Do we have to wait?"

Doorguy, looking exasperated: "Uh, yeah. Everyone waits."

Cute Young Girl, looking confused: "I don’t understand. I’m with a bachelorette party."

At another point, a small group of about five college-aged kids walk up to the line, alternately complaining about how freezing it is and how mad they are that there is a line, although it’s a short line of only a couple people. They are apparently having some type of theme party night that required clothing normally inappropriate for February, and none of them are wearing coats.

The group quickly decides to leave one brave soul standing in line to try to save five spots, while the rest of them head over to Henry’s to warm up and wait for him to call them back when the line moves. It’s not more than five minutes when, sure enough, a few people start to leave and the line begins to move, and costume boy ends up at the front.

Doorguy: "OK, I can get three people in now."

Costume Boy: "Hold on, I need to call my friends back over from next door, and is there any way all five of us can come in?"

Doorguy: "Look, if they aren’t here in line, they can’t get in. There’s people behind you waiting."

Costume boy isn’t happy that he couldn’t save spots in line for his friends. The people in line behind him, however, are happy that he decides to leave since they can get in that much sooner. I kind of felt sorry for him; he was really nice. I almost offered to buy his group a round of shots as a goodwill gesture if they came back later.