Every year around this time, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Pub Quiz kicks off a season full of charitable but fun events for The Sandbar crew. And every year when it’s time for the trivia game, we’re always kicked out of our winter fog by the realization that we need to get busy building our parade float.

Last night’s Pub Quiz was a huge, noisy, fun event at Zig & Mac’s. Former Sandbar staffer and trivia guru Scotty Mack organized the affair; he also wrote the questions. The Sandbar sponsored two teams, each with four players, and we had other friends and employees show up on several other teams.

"Ghost of The Sandbar" Team #1 & "Stink Pickle" Team #2 (Ask Pants what it means, ’cause I don’t know)


"Single Tall," made up of Sandbar friends/staff; Sheela, Scotty Mack, & Coleen

Even though Dave didn’t make it into a trivia question this year, The Sandbar managed to in kind of a roundabout way. One of the categories, "A Real Pub Quiz," was made up of obscure facts about local establishments.

"John Wolf, Patrick and Tom Conroy, and myself {meaning Andy Bob, the question reader} all have our names etched in bronze as members of the 49ers Club at which place?"

Patrick and Tom are two of Peach’s brothers. This wasn’t our question, but the team who drew it couldn’t answer it, so we all got an opportunity. The answer? The Bottleneck. Dave explained that they used to have a cooler where they kept 49 different kinds of beer, and once a person had tried all 49 varieties, they became a member of the 49ers Club.

Although neither of our teams won, we came pretty close. The final question was drawn from parade trivia:

"As the grand marshal of the bicentennial parade, he wore red, white, blue, and black."

And both of our Sandbar teams managed to think like Scotty Mack and answer this question correctly. No, we didn’t cheat off each other. We held our breath for awhile thinking we might be the only ones to answer correctly; but alas, there were other likeminded people in the room.  Our "Ghost of the Sandbar" team ended up placing fourth and winning themselves each a St. Patrick’s Day Parade t-shirt. {Think you know the answer? Come back tomorrow to find out if you’re right.}

By the end of the night, the Pub Quiz raised about $2400 for this year’s charities.