It’s been awhile since something from the University of Kansas newspaper has been featured, so here’s a link for you.

One of their writers decided to get off the beaten path of the usual college bars and try something new. He chronicled his adventures, which were alternately amusing, disgusting, and even a little frightening. I would like to recruit this guy to be a guest blogger here. Wonder if he’s a Sandbar patron?

My friends and I tried something like this a million years ago when we were in college, only we didn’t venture off Massachusetts Street. We did, however, resolve to at least go inside of every bar on the entire street, at least to see what it was like, and perhaps partake in a shot or five. (This is how we discovered Surfer on Acid, one of my fond-and few- memories of that night). Of course, we ended up at The Sandbar by the end of the night. But sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something new- it makes you appreciate "home" that much more.

Got a favorite non-Sandbar bar? Let’s hear it in the comments.