Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of love and romance, here’s another Sandbar love match. Aña met Matt here once upon a time, and the rest was history.  Here’s what she had to say about their meeting:

I was going to move to London for awhile after college and my friend ended up having to rent out my half of her loft after 9/11 hit and my parents "recommended" that it wasn’t a good idea for me to move overseas. Anyway, a few of us went down to The Sandbar that following Wednesday (lei night) and Matt "lei’d" me.  That pretty much consisted of him giving me a lei and ignoring me the rest of the night.  My roommate and I decided we loved Wednesdays because there was basically nobody else in the bar so we came back every week.  Matt and I’s relationship bloomed over Photo Hunt. I think I sealed the deal when the entire town of Lawrence was shut down for a snow day and I came to the bar in my pajamas and even brought my own blender because yours was broke and he could no longer make a Dirty Banana with ice.  That’s commitment.  The rest is history and we’ve been together almost six years.  I actually have a picture from teh first night we met, because my friends thought it was funny that I was in such a bad mood…


Aña and Matt were married in July a couple years ago in a lovely outdoor ceremony at Circle S Ranch, officiated by none other than Brother Pants. Unfortunately- or fortunately, depending on who you ask, we no longer offer blended Dirty Bananas at The Sandbar, because a blender is an evil torture to a bartender. And they break. Constantly. We do, however, still offer the captivating Photo Hunt for your enjoyment.