Landsharklager_3 A little over a year ago, we told you about Jimmy Buffett’s new brew, Landshark Lager. Well, it’s finally made it’s debut at The Sandbar!

Join us tonight for Tuesday night "$1.50 almost anything" specials, and try out this new beer for yourself. The good folks from our local Budweiser distributor, O’Malley Beverage, will be on hand with fun promotions (which usually means free stuff) and people to help spread the word about Landshark Lager.

Landshark Lager is considered a "premium" beer at our establishment, so it’s actually $2.00 tonight instead of a buck, but don’t let that stop you. It’s still pretty cheap.

And if you’re wondering where those Valentine love-at-the-Sandbar stories are that I promised last week, come back tomorrow. I actually do have a story to tell, with pictures, thanks to a reader who actually paid attention to my request. For the rest of you, send me your story or I’ll tell Dave to cut you off.