Multiple entries from this night. Must have been exciting. Or a full moon.

The night started off with a group of ten jerks who were 30 years old on average and acted like they were 18.

Now fast forward four hours…a girl comes to the door with an ID of extreme rarity: an Oklahoma ID that scans. I found it strange, but scanned it anyway. The age on the ID said 21 but the scanner said 18. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was an Oklahoma ID scanned into a computer, printed out, and laminated to the back of a Kansas ID. Very creative, but very fake.

Fast forward 30 minutes…two guys come in who had apparently been drinking for awhile. One of them had a beer and then asked for another. Dave served him a non-alcoholic brew instead and the guy didn’t even have a clue. He then puked in the urinal and had to be asked to leave.

–As stated to our best recollection, Big Chief and The Rock

{otherwise known as Maynard and Dave.}