If you haven’t realized it yet, next week is Valentine’s Day.

Last year, I told you all about how Dave and I met. It’s a cute little story that never fails to get mothers, grandmothers, and complete strangers to gush all over it. But there are so many more couples who have met at The Sandbar. Apparently the place just screams romance from behind the faded dollar bills on the walls. Some of the Sandbar-matched couples I knew about and mentioned in last year’s post; others spoke up in the comments. And I know there are so many more of you out there.

So this year, I want to hear your stories.Img_3787_3

Send me an email (email link is over to the right near the top of the page) and tell me how you and your sweetie met at The Sandbar.  Or maybe you stopped by the night before your wedding, or perhaps you brought your wedding party in after your reception. Or maybe you even got married at The Sandbar? (Don’t laugh, it’s happened, and it was fun.)

I’ve got a couple old pictures and stories (from before even my time) to share, but this will be a lot more fun if some of you contribute, too. If you have pictures, even better- send those too, if you don’t mind being published on the internet. And if you don’t relish the thought of having your name or picture plastered on a blog that attracts people searching for topless mermaids, that’s fine- I can easily change your name and keep you anonymous and picture-less. I just want your story. You can even pick your own fake name.

Otherwise, I’ll have to tell the one about me and Dave again, and it’s getting kind of boring.