Another busy Monday for The Sandbar. It would be awesome if this trend continued. The other thing we would like to see continue is the fabulous weather that graced us today, nice enough that we could open our front windows for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, we’re supposed to start getting a “wintry mix” tonight and tomorrow. Enough of this winter stuff!

We hosted a retirement/farewell party for a friend today.  Around 3 p.m. guests started to trickle in to eat, drink, and congratulate. Poor Dave- his Mondays are usually quiet and he can meet with his vendors, clean things that don’t always get cleaned, and generally get things done. Instead he divided his time among his regular duties and serving drinks to the partiers. Around 5- when it was perhaps a bit easier for folks to justify leaving their office and going to a bar- we got even busier.


Besides the farewell party, Peach and Dave had a small meeting scheduled for 5 p.m., so they retired to the back room with their group, leaving Joe behind the bar all by his lonesome. He brought us some tasty carrot bread that his girlfriend Teresa whipped up; it was yummy.

We also had our regular Monday visitors. A young boy has music lessons next door at Richard’s Music Company every week, and his mom hangs out for at The Sandbar to chat while she waits. We usually send the boy on his way with a Shirley Temple after his lesson. And, of course, our loyal computer expert and video crack champion Frank.

Get ready for Fat Tuesday tomorrow!