Last night around 9 p.m., there was a small group of young ladies seated on stools in front of the big fish tank. One of them excused herself to use the facilities, and when she returned to her friends, I overheard a bit of their conversation:

Girl #1: "I think you have to be under age 21 to be in here at this time of night!"

Girl #2: "Well, how old are you?" (I thought this a strange question; wouldn’t her friends know how old she is?)

Girl #1: "I’m 26! Apparently that’s ooooold for this place!"

I wanted to turn around and say "hello! 32 here!" but I didn’t. I was amused with their exchange; they obviously aren’t regulars. And as I looked around the bar, it seemed to me that the average age of the customers was around 30, which is normal for an early Friday night. Either she was a poor judge of age, or she was feeling a bit insecure about her own. There was most definitely not an abundance of young twenty-somethings in attendance last night, and certainly none that were underage.