In my daily perusal of all things interesting on the internets, I found several things that might interest the readers. And I didn’t really have anything to say about The Sandbar today anyway.

1. You might remember reading about the Jack Daniels flap in Tennessee awhile back. Well, apparently the man in possession of all those bottles has now been indicted on various counts. Here’s the update.

2. Everyone knows about the capacity issues we have at The Sandbar. If you don’t, go here. I just about spit my Coke all over my desk when I read this. Playing the Mormon card to get back into the bar might have worked for her, but I’m pretty sure our doorguys won’t fall for that one. Although, I think it’s weird that in order to use the restroom, they had to actually leave the bar and forfeit their spot in the capacity count.

3. We’re very fond of the local Lawrence band Sellout!, and not just because current bartender Danny sings and plays the saxophone for them and former bartender Bob plays drums. I found a fun interview with some of the band members on today. Oh, and that Devo hat that Danny wears? Dave made that.

So, enjoy. Back to more Sandbar-related content tomorrow.