I never really noticed how frequently beer, liquor, and bars are mentioned in the news until I started writing this blog (and desperately searching for things to keep you entertained).

In the "crazy" category for today, I bring you an antiquated law on the books in Virginia. In 1934, the state banned mixing wine or beer with other spirits. I’m not really sure why someone felt the need to actually write a law banning this practice; because, really, how frequently does one mix beer or wine with vodka or rum?

But if you’re a fan of sangria, well, don’t move to Virginia. La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurants, with five locations across the state, was fined $2000 because they committed the crime of mixing red wine, liqueur, and fruit to serve with their tapas. The owners claim they were unaware of the law- who would seriously think to research laws regarding the mixing of ingredients?- and would not have opened their business in Virginia had they known of the prohibition.

The restaurant’s people are currently appealing to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and urging their state legislators to pass a new law legalizing their drink. The company’s vice president compares their situation to a Mexican restaurant being told they can’t serve tequila.

Which made me wonder: what other mixed drinks could this affect? Will and Blair have both made margaritas for me in the past that contained a splash of beer. Yes, beer. I was skeptical, until I tried it. It was good. I guess they couldn’t fix those in Virginia, though.

I hope the Virginia legislature does away with such a silly law.