It was just about this time last year when I gave you a run-down of some of our favorite floats of St.Patrick’s Days of the past. January might seem early to be thinking about St. Patrick’s Day to everyone who doesn’t live in The Sandbar world, but trust me, it’s not early enough.

We’ve tentatively had an idea for this year’s float for several months now. Dave even got a great deal on costumes the day after Halloween when the local "Halloween Spirit" store marked all their leftovers down to a ridiculously low price. Between our basement and the office at the bar, we have enough costumes stored to outfit the entire town of Lawrence for the next twenty nine Halloweens.  Or St. Patrick’s Day, whichever your favorite dress-up holiday might be.

Float_group_3 Here’s a look back at last year’s showboat. For an action shot, check out our video clips here or here. I think the showboat was one of my all-time favorite floats. It is truly an amazing feeling dancing all the way down Massachusetts Street in front of such a huge crowd.

This year’s idea will remain a secret for awhile longer as we mull over the design, the music, and the dance moves. And you never know, we might change our minds and go in a completely different direction. Suggestions? Leave them in the comments.