We didn’t intend to have a Martin Luther King Day celebration. Not that we were opposed to it, it’s just not generally at the top of the list for holidays that involve going to a bar. This year, however, was different.

Around 2:30 today- before our advertised opening time of 3 p.m.- a group of six or seven twenty-somethings arrived. They were pretty excited and hyper. Apparently they get together every year on this day off from work to hit the bars. They bought a hurricane. It was perhaps the earliest time we’ve run the hurricane in all it’s years of existence. One of the girls fell off her chair. They took pictures and had a few shots. They also bought lots of merchandise, like hats and koozies.

By 5 p.m. we actually had a pretty decent crowd in the bar. A few regulars, and the original group was still living it up in the back of the bar. Who would have thought that a Monday afternoon could actually be busy and fun?

Maybe we should start promoting The Sandbar as the place to be on federal holidays.