An evening with Will:

A gentleman was harassing the mermaid by pulling on her dress. When I looked over, he had his head in the mermaid dress*. I walked over to him and asked him to behave** and walked away. When I came back he asked what I said, I told him again to respect the girl and quit trying to peek in the dress. He then said "What’s respectful about girls dancing on a bar!" and then he stood up.

I told him we could argue about it all night or we could let it go. At this point he used a few choice words so I grabbed his drink and Matt and I told him to leave.

The guy claimed to have known Peach for longer than I’ve been alive. Well la-de-da.

Our staff always looks out for the customers and makes sure that everyone is respectful. There is nothing wrong with girls dancing on the bar, plenty of men dance up there too and it’s all in fun. Good grief, it’s not like we’re a strip club or something. No one is ever forced to get up there if they don’t want to, unless it’s their birthday and their friends threaten to withhold presents or shots until they agree to be the mermaid.

*The mermaid dresses are wrap dresses that are intended to go on over the wearer’s existing clothes. Even if someone pokes their head into the dress, they can’t see anything. But we don’t like to condone that kind of behavior.

**Will, asking someone to behave? Does anyone else see the irony of this? That’s Will in the picture below, behaving by doing the worm on the bar.