What’s your favorite bar food?

Over the years we’ve experimented with different quick snacks in Lawrence. We wanted to give the customers something to eat while they drink, without becoming a full-fledged restaurant. Food became a necessity when we opened a second location in Ottawa; in order to get a liquor license in that town, a certain percentage of sales must come from food. So down there, you can get sandwiches and soups and appetizers all day and night.

Popcorn has been around since the beginning days of the bar (although the original popcorn machine has thankfully been replaced.) And wings on Fridays- usually from Jefferson’s– have been a staple for a lot of years also. We’ve had peanuts, nachos, shrimp, and cheese and crackers available at various times; currently we have free chips and salsa (from La Familia, yum!) on Wednesdays. Occasionally we still bring out the cheese and crackers for advance-notice events (or cheese dip, if it’s really a special occasion).

Not too long ago, Dave scored a hot dog warmer. He manages to find interesting things in even more interesting places; thus began our foray into serving gourmet hot dogs and potato chips. So far it seems to be going over well, though it’s possible that the employees eat more hot dogs than the customers.

So what do you think? What bar food necessity have we missed? Which one should become a permanent option? Vote for your favorite in our new poll, and leave a comment if your choice isn’t listed.