So, now that the holidays are over and we’re all digging out from underneath our month-long holiday-induced hangover, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Back in the beginning days of The Sandbar, in an effort to start drawing a regular crowd, Peach had the girl bartenders wear bikini tops and dance on the bar.

Several years ago, Heather had a brainstorm {no jokes about Heather being a dumb blond, please, and those are her words, not mine} that was recorded for posterity in our "enforcement log," otherwise known as the daily chronicle of nonsense that occurs at the door and elsewhere within the building and is a source of amusement for the readers of this blog under the "Door Diaries" category.

Dave said they used to have bikini night on Monday’s. I believe that bringing back that fine tradition would pack the bar.  I for one would be willing to tend bar in a bikini top, it’s just the bikini bottom that stops me.

Hmmm…something to think about.

At that point, the guys started to chime in with "hail, hail to the bikini tops." And they even started a petition on the next page of the notebook, although the signatures on said petition are dubious at best. I don’t think Nelly has actually set foot in The Sandbar.

And for the record, I am familiar with Heather’s distinctive handwriting and can vouch that it truly was she who wrote that bikini top suggestion in the notebook, and not some wishful-thinking doorman trying to pass the idea off as coming from one of the girls.