Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you make them, do you ever keep them?

We have a few resolutions at The Sandbar.

Of course we always hope that each year is better than the last in every way. We want the customers to be more satisfied; we want more people to experience The Sandbar; we want a windier hurricane.

One goal that we have for the {hopefully near} future is a full redesign of our official website. We’ve had the same design for quite awhile now and have been thinking of some new ideas for it. Maybe we’ll share some of the ideas here and see what you think.

Dave says that the bathrooms might be remodeled this year. The men’s room needs to be painted among other things. Perhaps he’ll add self-flushing toilets or automatic hand dryers or something fancy like that.

We’d like to expand our “where have you been in a Sandbar shirt” wall. Actually, the wall has barely gotten started. Dave and I were at Cottin’s Hardware Store the other day, and they have a couple bulletin boards with pictures of people all over the world holding a Cottin’s pen. We aspire to do the same, only with people wearing Sandbar shirts. Thanks to those of you who have contributed pictures already.

We’d like to know what your resolutions are for the new year. Share them with us in the comments. Or let us know what you think The Sandbar should do in 2008.

See you tomorrow night at the New Year’s Eve party. Don’t forget your crazy hat!