After the presents were opened and under-the-table deals were made to exchange various unwanted gifts for other slightly more desirable ones, some folks might have wondered "what do we do now?"

Not us, though. Dave had planned ahead to bring maximum entertainment to his staff, and after throwing many successful parties at our house, which always (thankfully) ended up in the garage instead, we know what the party-goers want and it comes in the form of a long, tall, blue table.

A rousing game of Tippy Cup began and kept going for hours, with players rotating in and out as they either lost, or got bored, or got kicked off their team. The cool thing about this game is that it doesn’t absolutely require that you drink alcohol; most people choose beer when they play, but I have been known to play with Kool-Aid in my cup before because I wanted to play that bad but didn’t want the hangover.

Sometimes there were just a couple people on each side of the table; other rounds grew to include so many players that it was difficult to know just which side the person was in, they were scrunched around the table that much. Sometimes it was girls against boys.

The girls won the final round:


We hope you enjoyed reading about our annual holiday party. Stay tuned for more fun stuff!