After the prizes were handed out for stylish Christmas wear, we got down to business with the main event- the gift exchange.

Everyone was welcome to participate and the only requirement was to bring a $10 wrapped/bagged gift. It could be new; it could be used; it could be something you found on the side of the road, although we hoped not. 

Dave mixed things up a bit this year. Usually we start with the youngest person, or the one with the least seniority at the bar, which means that Dave always gets that coveted spot of last to pick a gift. (Coveted because all the gifts but one have been opened by this time, and he can steal whatever he wants or take a chance by opening the last remaining gift). This year, he handed out playing cards to each of us and then started with the ace of spades, working down the suit and on to the next one, to determine who picked.

Img_1346 Img_1355

This year, the game didn’t get as outrageous and fun as it has in years past. There wasn’t much stealing of the gifts, most people chose to unwrap a new one instead. Not fun, people.

Some of the gifts that made an appearance this year:

  • a furry black Russian-like hat with ear flaps (perfect for winter scooter riding!)
  • the first season of "Dukes of Hazzard" on DVD
  • a remote control Tonka truck
  • a bag of chips
  • a stocking full of promotional adidas wear, including giant shorts that could fit twelve people
  • liquor, of course
  • a silver replica of our beloved Frank in the Tank
  • the infamous KISS mug from a couple years ago
  • a boudoir photo of Joe (scary!)

My favorite? The gift Dave contributed, a DVD of "Darren’s Dance Grooves" that he proceeded to give to me to be wrapped. Before I wrapped it, I photoshopped Dave’s head onto Darren’s and retitled the video "Dave’s Dance Grooves." He’ll think twice next year before asking me to do his wrapping chores.

Since everyone was so polite, or maybe they just wanted to move on to bigger and better games, the gift exchange was over much more quickly than normal.

Tomorrow: Drinking Games!