You all know how much we at The Sandbar love costumes and theme parties. As part of our entertainment for the employee party, everyone was encouraged to wear the most festive attire they could find.

Once we were reasonably sure that most of the invitees were present, we handed out slips of paper and took nominations for the best dressed. We even had prizes ready!

John was the runaway winner, thanks to his mom’s Christmas vest (and possibly the mustache). He was awarded a musical penguin that dances to "Ice Ice Baby."

Chris took second place with a sweater he scavenged from his neighbor. His prize was a set of plush reindeer antlers complete with battery-operated lights.

After those two, the votes were wide open- most of the rest of the people there who participated got at least one vote. Too bad Ken- with his dickie and suede jacket- arrived after the contest.


Remember, join us at The Sandbar on Friday night for another round of tacky holiday wear! We’ll have prizes at 6:30 and midnight.

Tomorrow: The Presents!