The Lawrence staff and friends gathered at The Sandbar last night for the annual Christmas party.

A fairy godmother (Peach, perhaps?) reached into the dark corners of the upstairs closet and managed to find some fabulous decorations. She transformed The Sandbar into an elegant beach bar complete with white tablecloths, candles, and flamingo and palm tree centerpieces. 

All of our current staff members were there, and they brought an assortment of wives, girlfriends, roommates, moms, and friends with them. A few of our favorite customers were there, too. And of course a couple of random customers- we didn’t see the need to actually close the bar for the evening since there isn’t usually much business on Sunday night anyway. So when a trio of patrons arrived, we welcomed them into our party.

We had pizza from Wheat State and a big spread of other goodies: cheese and crackers, cheese balls, meatballs (made by Dave), and spicy cheese dip (also made by Dave). We like cheese, if you couldn’t tell.

It was a fun night. So fun, in fact, that there are too many stories for one post and I’m going to milk it all I can. Each day this week I’ll share something new about the party. The unique attire worn by the party-goers; the amazingly obnoxious gifts that were exchanged; and the drinking games that commenced later in the evening. We might even have a new poll in case you are tired of the one that’s up right now. (By the way, if you haven’t voted yet, please do so).

I have 190+ pictures to download and sort through and edit, so be patient. I’ll pick the best ones and add them to the Christmas party photo album as soon as I can.

Oh! And the best part about last night- the staff got to see the brand new Hurricane video for the very first time. Only Dave and I had seen the video before we showed it off last night. It was awesome to see every one laughing so hard, and crying in some cases. After the grand premiere in a few weeks, I’ll post the video here for the rest of the world to see.

Don’t forget to check in all week to see all the antics from our party!

Tomorrow: Fun and Festive Clothing!