Every year, we have a party. Well, we actually have lots of parties throughout the year, but the Christmas/holiday/whatever PC term you want to call it is a highlight. Actually, I like this new all-inclusive holiday name. Read about last year’s party here.

We eat, drink, and fight over gifts. Over the years, there have been some truly interesting gifts show up at this party. As you might expect, the females in the group typically bring nice gifts. Bath stuff, home decor, wine, candles. Things the other females might like. The men on the other hand…you just never know.

Each year the gifts get more and more outrageous as the group tries to top last year’s hit gift.

We want to know what you think was the best gift. I’ve searched the dark corners of my brain to remember the silly/crazy/obnoxious/disgusting things that have made an appearance through the years, and I think I have a pretty good list.

Go ahead and vote in the poll over on the right side of the page. Let us know what was the best- and yes, we all define "best" in different ways.

1. The Helmet. I think it was Ron who brought this one? {Help me out here, Peanut Gallery.} Found on the side of the road and quickly converted into an oddly-shaped gift that garnered lots of attention, both before and after it was opened.

2. The Lottery Tickets. Sadly, none of them paid off big for whoever ended up with them. But wouldn’t it have been cool if someone at our party scratched off a big winner?

3. The Inflatable Basketball Goal. It quickly took up residence in the corner of the bar. The helmet came in handy for the game that followed.


4. A Year of Playboy. This gift might have been more financially lucrative than the lottery tickets, because Anna Nicole Smith was on the cover of at least one of them.

5. The Lawn Gnome. Heather wouldn’t part with it all night. I don’t think anyone actually wanted to steal it anyway, but we humored her by letting her think we all wanted it.

6. Tide. A shiny (new!) orange bottle of liquid detergent. No one wanted to end the gift game and take it, they wanted to keep fighting over the previously opened gifts. I finally decided that this was one of the more useful gifts in the bunch and put a stop to the madness by grabbing it.

There you have it. My nominations for Best Sandbar Gift. If you disagree, leave your nomination in the comments.