Erick worked here several years ago and still makes frequent visits. Here’s a funny experience he had. I like to think it was our ghost messing with him.

Nan_on_barI was turning off the lights upstairs and there was a picture on the ground from the mermaid wall and I picked it up and put it back on the wall. Another picture fell off the wall so I picked it up and the picture was of my mom dancing on the bar. It was pretty damn wierd.

Of all the hundreds of photos on that wall, this was the one that fell. Because that’s what every guys wants to see, a photo of his mom dancing on the bar in the very place he works. Erick’s mom is cool.

We used to have quite the collection of mermaid polaroids on one of the walls upstairs. {Yes, I realize that there are no "mermaids" in this photo, but we allowed non-mermaid pictures of people we liked to be taped to the wall too.} Now they’re sitting in a dusty pile in my house, awaiting a new home. When I ditch the cubicle and stay at home eating bon bons and working on this blog all day find some extra time I’ll start scanning them and create a new Mermaid Wall of Fame on the blog so you can see all the beautiful mermaids we’ve invited to stand on our bar through the years.