Last Saturday, Downtown Lawrence played host to the 15th annual Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade. It’s a pretty cool tradition that brings lots of people downtown to see the horses and carriages.

One of our Friday after-work bartenders, Phil, is a board member for the parade group. Last week he participated in an online chat with the Lawrence Journal-World. Online readers were allowed to submit questions to the moderator, and Phil answered them online.

You can read the transcript here. Phil even managed to get in a hurricane reference towards the end of the chat. He must have had The Sandbar on the brain.

It’s always fun to see Sandbar folks in the news.

Actually, typing this post made me think of something. I’ve been asking questions of our current and former staff and publishing their answers here, in an effort to help the readers get to know them. But I came up with all the questions. Perhaps I should open it up to the readers? Tell you in advance who I’m profiling next, and let you submit questions for that person to answer? Something to ponder.