A long, long time ago I told the story of how our very own Sandbar song came to be.

Of course there’s a cheesy dance to go with the song. Now you, too, can learn our expertly choreographed fun, silly dance. Watch the video below in which our lovely Friday bartender Heather and her fake ponytail demonstrate the Sandbar dance from atop the bar. For those of you who lack astute powers of observation, notice that Heather occasionally tugs the bottom of her dress back down. None of us really noticed this; but those sharp folks down at the second Sandbar in Ottawa did and they made a drinking game of it. Every time she yanks on the dress, they do a shot.

This clip of video airs at the end of our Hurricane newscast video on multiple television sets, some facing the bar, so that all the lovely, topless mermaids can dance along to our song.

Earlier this week we filmed new video of our dance, which will be unveiled along with the new hurricane video soon.  So, enjoy this clip of Heather while it’s still available!

{I’ve posted the full Hurricane video, complete with the dance, before; this time I clipped off just the dance part so you don’t have to watch the entire Hurricane video to see the dance.}