Coleen shared a funny story from one of her shifts. A well-dressed older couple settled in at the bar one night for some drinks.

Upscale Couple: "Do you have brandy snifters?"

Coleen: "Umm, no. But we don’t have brandy to put in them either. But since this is The Sandbar, I can make lots of fun fruity tropical drinks."

{I think she was a little confused by their questions, because if you’ve ever walked into The Sandbar, you’d instantly realize that we’re probably not the kind of place that would have brandy or snifters or even probably know what they are.}

Upscale Couple:  "Is Phil here?"

Coleen: "No. He only works on Fridays." {Apparently they thought that if Phil appeared, so too would the elusive brandy and its snifters.}

Upscale Couple:  "Well, do you have some-fancy-name-Coleen-couldn’t-remember wine?"

Coleen: "No, but we have Franzia in a box! And you’re in luck because tonight I even have a wine glass. Or I could make you a tropical fruity drink, since this is after all The Sandbar."

Upscale Couple: "Do you have some-fancy-bourbon-we’ve-never-carried?"

Coleen:  "No, we don’t have that either. But I do have Crown."

Upscale Couple, finally giving up: "Double Crown it is."

Why someone would go to The Sandbar for brandy, snifters, expensive wine, or fancy bourbon is beyond me. You go to The Sandbar for Bahama Mama’s, to listen to island tunes, to dance on the bar, or to stare at our fish tank. Maybe they were looking for Pachamama’s and went in the wrong door?