Some things just should not be done, even in The Sandbar.

Since we started the Hurricane attraction back in 2002, we’ve noticed an odd phenomenon that happens a few times a year. 

Part of the hurricane show requires that a beautiful mermaid (or merman, depending on who’s willing and available) stand on the bar and read a poem. We even supply a mermaid costume. The costume is simply a wrap-style dress made of sequins, with a halter-top style piece that hangs around your neck.  It’s purposely sized pretty large to accommodate all sizes of people, and since it wraps around the body, it’s easy to fit to almost anyone.

This dress is intended for the mermaid/man to simply wear right over their clothes.  And most people get this.  However, occasionally, a random girl will think that she needs to actually change into the mermaid costume, and she’ll disappear into the bathroom for awhile and emerge missing her top. 

This happened recently.  And being in the generous mood that I am right now, I disguised the faces of these exhibitionists to save them from further embarrassment {though more people probably saw them half-naked on the bar than will see them here.} This one is exceptional, because not only are they standing/dancing on the bar with no top on, but it appears to be a daughter and her mother.

07nov16sb12 07nov16sb17

Why do women think they need to strip down to their undergarments {and sometimes even those come off} in order to don the mermaid costume? I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’ve simply never seen a Sandbar Hurricane before, and perhaps they just didn’t know any better. Coleen told me that one time some biker chicks actually took all their clothes off to put on the mermaid costumes! Remember how I said the dresses are wrap dresses?

Please, ladies, if you’re reading this- we’re not a strip club. The dress is plenty big enough to fit over all your clothes. Keep your clothes on.

{Unless of course you’re Michelle, and you’ve decreed it to be Shirts Off Saturday.}